Freedom of Choice

A fully informed choice is the only true Freedom of Choice.  Incomplete information leads to, at best, less than optimal choices.  Those who respect your freedom of choice will make every effort to keep you fully informed with information that is as accurate and whole and complete as they can make it; that is, information with a high degree of integrity. 

Those whose primary goal is to get your help to get what they want will tell you whatever they think you need to hear to get your support, often using language designed to create a reaction of emotional upset, turning off your rational mind so you hear and process only what they want you to hear.  Keeping you fully informed is counterproductive to getting what they want.  Respecting your right to be fully informed, your real freedom of choice is unimportant as long as they get what they want.  This kind of manipulative behavior is massively destructive and robs you of your true freedom of choice. 

Those with reasonably well developed critical thinking skills will recognize when they are the subject of this kind of manipulation, and turn away from it. 

“Fox News” and much of the right-wing echo chamber are such outlets of intellectual and emotional manipulation.  No self-respecting person who values their own personal integrity would subject themselves to such abuse. 

Respect yourself – demand your right to be fully informed with the verifiable, factual information necessary to exercise true freedom of choice.