This website is dedicated to a view of Integrity.  A perspective that is firmly grounded in present reality, with deep acceptance that what is – IS – inside an overarching commitment to move social consciousness from present reality to an ever-more-profound realization of ideals of social justice and Christian (or Islamic) community.

Context Rules!!!     Integrity Leads.

There is little integrity in living life from an unexamined contextWhat Rules You?


In Greek mythology, Nereus, first born of Pontus (the Sea) and Gaia (the Earth) was he who tells no lies. They call him the Old Gentleman because he is trustworthy, and gentle, and never forgetful of what is right, but the thoughts of his mind are mild and righteous.[8]  I see this as Wisdom.  It is both an inspiration and a context I strive to express here.


This website is a work in progress – all elements, including comments, may be subject reset. 

Nereus, the name of this website, was chosen for its symbolism – as a symbol of kindly wisdom, and a reminder of the value of going back to prime sources and fundamental principles when we seek a deeper perspective and understanding.  It is also meant to be a reminder that all of our communication is symbolic – that as human beings we (at least most of us) lack the ability to directly convey ideas to other people.

Without a shared context, symbols have no meaning.  Even with a shared context – like a common language – the meaning we assign to what we hear may not be the meaning the speaker intended to convey.

Active listening can reduce the damage caused by misconstrued meaning.  In addition to hearing the words, listen for the commitment that underlies the words and ideas.  The speaker has a reason and motivation for speaking.  Perceiving the underlying commitment can flesh out the meaning of the words by providing additional context.

I ask that you make the effort to seek out my intended meaning.   Look at these essays as a mosaic – individually they are just ideas.  Take the time to digest them individually, and then step back and see the whole.  As with a mosaic, the picture will come into clearer focus.

I trust that you will see that I am describing a context for living that will help us come closer to realizing  ideals of both social justice and Christian community.

I don’t believe I have anything new to say – to me, the context I describe is simply a focus on, a restatement of, old fashioned values.